Washing - Sizing - Packing Carrots Line


Online this process will find the stages of reception, selection, calibration and bagging carrots.
Our experience in the processing of carrot which allows us to offer equipment that meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene, ease of operation and cost control.
In the variety of equipment designed for processing carrots you will find different applications for the configuration of your line.

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The configuration can have the following equipment:

Imagen Equipment Description
Shaker Handles receiving the carrots that reach the processing plant. It has an efficient system vibrating separator, which removes dirt and other elements, as thus also distributes the flow across its width.
Elevator Feeder Get the constant and permanent supply of line and the preparation for the uniform entry to the Rotary washer.
Rotative Washer Performs a deep cleaning of the product while driving by a shower of water in a rotary cylinder.
Discard Belt It carries out the removal of unsuitable for marketing small size carrots.
Inspection Belt It allows the manual inspection of carrots to work.
Sizer Roller Does the separation of the product according to its gauge or size. Carrots are about modules of rotating rollers that allow the fall depending on their size.
Belt conveyor It allows the distribution and combination of product calibrated to the different outputs
Automatic Weighing machine It is filling fast and accurate sacks through the use of electronic scale for easy control.
Bagger Make the filling of sacks through the use of electronic scale.
Discard Silo Discards obtained are stored on a high hopper of large capacity, for its subsequent withdrawal.
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