Washing - Selection Carrots Line


This process line will find the washing stages, selection and bagging.
Our experience in the processing of carrot which allows us to offer equipment that meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene, ease of operation and cost control.
In the variety of equipment designed for processing carrots you will find different applications for the configuration of your line. See also "CARROTS WASHING - SIZING LINE"

The configuration can have the following equipment:

Imagen Equipment Description
Rotative Washer Performs a deep cleaning of the product while driving by a shower of water in a rotary cylinder.
Discard It carries out the removal of unsuitable for marketing small size carrots.
Inspection Belt It allows the manual inspection of carrots to work.
Filler These heads are at the end of the Ribbon and through a hopper to facilitate manual bagging.
Inspection Belt It is filling fast and accurate sacks through the use of electronic scale for easy control.
Accumulation Drum This disk already selected products accumulate and its rotation facilitates the bagging end.

VIDEO 1: Carrots Washing / Sizing Line
VIDEO 2: Carrots Washing - Selection Line
VIDEO 3: Carrots Washing / Sizing Line