Tomatoes Pre-dehydrated Line

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Our experience in the tomatoes process allows us to offer equipment that meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene, ease of operation and cost control.


This production line is intended the dried tomatoes in halves, process that is carried out in two phases, pre - dehydrated and packaging.


At this stage of the process, you will find the stages of reception, cleaning, cutting halves, sulphites and filling of trays for the dehydrated. They can count on the following equipment:

Equipment Description
Inspection Roller: The product is received on a roller table for initial inspection.
Dry Hopper: It regulates the dosage of the product in the line.
Rotative Washer: Performs a deep cleaning of the product.
Inspection Belt: It allows a second manual inspection and get the fruits aligned to facilitate the next step.
Tomatoes Cutter: It carries out the automatic cut in longitudinal halves of the fruits.
Dipping tank to Metabisulfite: Get the immersion of the fruits in a sulfitada solution.
Size Grader: Does the separation of the product according to its gauge or size. The product goes on modules with vibration bands whose holes allow the fall according to your size.
Shaker upender for halves: He manages to locate the fruits with the cut side up to then place them on trays.
Tray Conveyor: Remove the trays from the line.

The lines ALBION are scalable according to the production process.

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Model Production (Kg/Hour)
A 3000
B 6000
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