Line pulp prunes from dehydrated

Our experience in the production of fruit pulps allows us to offer equipment that meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene, ease of operation and cost control. In the variety of equipment designed for the production of fruit pulp dehydrated you will find different applications for the configuration of your line.


In this processing line will find the stages of: reception, cleaning, inspection, and extractor pulping from prunes.

Equipment Description
Bin Dumper: Responsible to feed and to dispens raw material wich arrive to the plant in bins.
Shakers – Separator: It separates the fruits together in order to facilitate the subsequent processes.
Elevator with dispenser hopper: Main function of this equipment is to feed and to dispense row material to the processing line through a bin dumper or other method. Has with a hopper and vibratory dispenser wich give an uniform flow of fruit motorgear drive..
Rotative Washer: Used for product washing and removal of soil, sticks and leaves attached to it. The system comprises a rotary cylinder carrying the product from one end to another, in this way receives the action of a pressurized water shower which washes the same in its entire surface.
Inspection belt: It allows the manual inspection of the fruit to work.
Elevator with paddles Elevator conveyor to give entry to the product to the pulper.
Pulp extractor: You get free skin and pits fruit pulp. First fruits enter inside a cylindrical body which are impacted by a rotor with fixed paddles producing his crushed. Subsequently, the pulps are centrifuged in a cylindrical sieve and thus goes abroad already refined pulp leaving residue on the inside.

Lines offering ALBION are productions at ranges of 1,000 kg/hour to 2,000 kg/hour; other production consult with our. Sales team.

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