Line for canned red peppers peeled


Equipment for processing canned peppers peeled canned ALBION, are versatile with respect to the desired production and containers to use.
Line type consists of elevator feeder, chemical peeling, Rotary washing machine, inspection and cleaning, Scalder, transfer tape, tape collector, dosing of brine, tape entering Exhauster, Exhauster tunnel, removing tape of 3-way, power riveters, transfer disk, tape Riveter cans and sterilizer - cooler


Lines standard that ALBION offers, manufactures, and markets for the peppers bare for canning process has a production that oscillates between the 800 kg/hour up to 1,600 kg/hour.. It is worth mentioning that if you want to cover other areas of production, feel free to contact our sales team and ALBION designs, finding the optimal solution for every need of our customers.
Containers to use can have the variation of completion in canned:
- 170 gr
- 1 kg
- 3 kg

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