Raisins Sizing Line


In this sizing line it find reception stages, stripping, selection and sizing of raisins. The lines are fully scalable according to the production process and the sizes you select. They have basically:

Bin Dumper with Accumulation system: Allows emptying of raisins from bins. This can be continuous or single-feed
Feeder Belt with Metering Rake: Get the constant and permanent condition flow of the line and includes an elevator with de-clusters.
Tromel Unit and Vacuum with Airlock System:Its function is to clean the product by separation and removal of impurities such as raisins vain, leaves, sticks, stones, etc.
Diameter Dry Capper - Vibrator and Vacuum with airlock system: This operation allows the separation and removal of stalks, stalks, pedicels and raisins.By an elevator raisins are driven by a stripping spin to end up being deposited in a shale shaker. This sieve a vacuum unit performs the extraction of the elements openings.
Size Grader: Classification achieved raisins according to size or size. The fruit travels on vibrating trays modules with perforations that allow the fall by size.

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Raisins Sizin Line - Brochure PDF

CAD: Top and side view CAD full line of raisins sizing

CAD: Side view of cleaning stage

Video 1:Sizing Line - B

Video 2:Sizing Line - A