Rasins - Processing Line


In this process line, we`ll find the steps of receiving, stripping, washing, removal of impurities, inspection, polishing and packing of raisins.
They basically consist of the following equipments:

Bin Dumper: Allows emptying of receiving raisins. This feeder can be continuous or simple, depending on the level of production of the line producer.
Feeder belt with metering rake: Get constant and permanent feeding of the line while the fruit rises to the next stage.
Tromel unit and vacuum: Its function is to get the fruit cleaning by separation and removal of impurities such as raisins vain, leaves, sticks, stones, etc.
Refiner Group: This operation is achieved the separation and extraction of stems, stalks, pedicels and raisins. By lift raisins are driven by a spin stripping to end up being deposited in a shale shaker. On this sieve a vacuum unit performs the extraction of the elements openings.
Rotative Washer: This equipment allows a preliminary cleaning. The fruits are conveyed into a cylinder whose horizontal travel rotary action and the use of a shower of water achieves effective cleaning. .
Double Riffle Platform: Executes a double riffle efficient washing by circulating water from a reservoir tank for this purpose and electro drive centrifugal pump. Subsequently, a final rinse with clean water sprinklers peaks and drained product. Finally, make a product drying and extracts centrifugally possible reef points that can be attached to some raisins.
Centrifuge: Centrifugal share, this equipment ALBION product strips the moisture, drying the cortex of it considerably and thus be prepared and enter the next stage of processing. Its complete construction is in stainless steel.
MegaVAC: Its function is to clean up and removal of impurities by transporting raisins on a vibrating screen with a suction unit with greater suction.
Laser: Using laser technology inspects and removes empty raisins and other strange elements.
Inspection belt: Allows operators manual inspection of fruit destined for packaging.
RX - Metal Detector: Allows operators manual inspection of fruit destined for packaging.
Oiler: Impregnating the product achieved through a metering pump, and polishing solutions preservative.

CAD :Side and top view of complete processing line

Side View Processing Line:(Configuration 1)

Side View Processing Line:(Configuration 2)

Video: Albion - Raisins Processing Line