Brushing and Sizing Potatos Line

Our experience in the potato process allows us to offer equipment that meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene, ease of operation and cost control.


In the variety of equipment designed to process of potatoes line you will find different applications for the configuration of your line.In this processing line will find the stages of reception, cleaning, selection, calibration and bagging potatoes.

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They can count mainly on the following equipment:

Equipment Description
Bin Dumper: It allows the emptying of potatoes that arrives at the processing plant.
Elevator Feeder: Gets the constant and permanent supply of line.
Elevator: It transports the product to the next process.
Brusher: Realiza una profunda limpieza del producto al conducirlo por una mesa de cepillos inferiores y superiores. Un extractor elimina el polvo proveniente del cepillado.
Discard: It makes the removal of unsuitable for marketing small potatoes.
Inspection Belt: It allows manual inspection with operators of potatoes to work.
Screen Sizer: Does the separation of the product according to its gauge or size. The product goes on modules with vibration bands whose holes allow the fall depending on their size./td>
Weighing Machine Automatic: Carries out the filling of sacks dosing by weight of form automatic.

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Lines standard that ALBION offers, manufactures, and markets for processing fresh potatoes varies between the following ranges of production:
Model Production (Kg/Hour)
A 3000
B 6000

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