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ALBION is one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the sector lines and equipment for industrial processing food nuts.The following process line for nuts, describe equipment several stages for receiving solutions, dry cleaning, washing, hulling, peeling, drying and sizing.

The lines are fully configurable according to the scale of production and product requirements to deliver. They may have:

Equipment Description
Dry Hopper The role of this equipment is constant and permanent line feed to elevates the fruit to the next stage.
Pre-Cleaner Its function is the preliminary cleaning of the fruit in order to separate and eliminate impurities, leaves, sticks, pebbles, etc.
Washer Pool By immersion of the fruit in a pool with tape hood to palette, the fruit is a deep cleaning.
Hulling Its function is to remove the first crust covering the nut. With the help of a rotor centrifugal the outer bark of Walnut is exercised.
Rotative Washer The fruits receive a shower of water in a cylinder with balusters. This is accomplished the last cleaning.
Draining Hopper At the end of the wash portions, the fruit through a hopper that facilitates the draining of excess water.
Elevator This equipment makes it possible to lift and transport the fruit to the next stage of the process.
Inspection Belt Allows the manual inspection of fruit them to work, leading those in the process of hulling.
Huller 2nd Step Its function is to remove the first crust covering the nut. The fruit enters a centrifugal drum that after removing the crust delivers the fruit output and the residues by other different output.
Drying Oven This equipment is intended to extract moisture from the walnuts. It consists of an elevator and a tape that distributes fruit to each of the bodies of drying.
Size Grader Does the separation of the fruits according to their caliber or size. The fruit goes on a rotating cylinder which consists of various meshes whose gaps allow the fall according to its size.

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