Washing and Classified Line . Apples / Pomegranates


Our experience in the process of pomegranates and apples allows us to offer equipment that meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene, ease of operation and cost control. In the variety of equipment designed by ALBION you will find different applications for the configuration of your line.

This line is intended to the conditioning of pomegranates and apples fresh for packaging and subsequent marketing.
In this processing line will find the stages of reception, cleaning, waxing, selection, and calibrated pomegranates and apples.

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List of equipment:

Image Equipment Description
Inspection Roller: You receive the product and allows an initial inspection of the fruits to work.
Washing, Dryer and Waxing: He is a deep cleaning by means of the action of brushes and a shower of water. Then fruit are drained and dried by air. At the end is the application of waxes to reduce moisture loss and extend the life of the fruit by sprinkler system..
Dy Tunnel: Depending on the type of wax, it is necessary to perform a finishing with hot air in order to make permanent the film diffused on the fruits.
Inspection Belt: It allows the final inspection of the fruit.
Aligner: Its function is that fruits are aligned one after the other for its subsequent correct calibration.
Sizer Grader: The fruits are selected according to the parameters for its packaging. There are different alternatives of classification according to the requirements of quality and production.
Accumulation Drum::

The fruits are arranged in tables to facilitate packaging manual.

The lines ALBION are scalable according to the production process.

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Lines standard for Apples and Pomegranates that manufactures ALBION varies between an approximate production:
Model Output (Kg/Hour)
A 3000
B 6000
If you want to cover other types of production, contact us.