Our experience on prune process allows us to provide equipament that meets the highest standard of quality. Wide variety of desing and manufactured equipments for prune process, you will find different options for the optimal configuration according to required levels of production.


ALBION sizing equipments are versatile respect to the level of production and different calibers of product to sizing.
This machine was desing for each size of product obtained is put into a bin located under several chutes Inspection belt is optional for this line, this according your needs.

Imagen Equipment Description
Bin Dumper: Responsible to feed and to dispens raw material wich arrive to the plant in bins.
Acumulation chute and Elevator: Principal function of this equipment is to feed and to dispense row material to the processing line through a bin dumper or other method.
Cleaning Shaker and Vacuum: SHAKER SEPARATOR: Main function is to separate small sticks, rapstans, little sheels, this it`s made through a carefully designed bottom floor, working together with vacuum. VACUUM: This equipment is designed for removal of unwanted products, by suction in a vacuum chamber.
Inspection belt with catwalk (Opcional): Inspection and selection it is its main function. The extraction of product is manual through operators located both sides of belt.
Size Grader: Obtaining of differents sizes of product is the main function of this machine and it`s made through several vibratory perforated screens. Each module is 10 meters lenght with capacity for seven different calibers.

Layout General:

TABLE 2.1: Albion models for Prunes Sizing Lines

Model: Output (kg/h) Sizes (u) Length(mm) Power (hp)
C1200-1 1500-2000 7 22000 11.5
C1200-2 1500-2000 13 32000 15.5
C1200-3 1500-2000 19 42000 19.5
C1500-1 2600-3100 7 22000 11.5
C1500-2 2600-3100 13 32000 15.5
C1500-3 2600-3100 19 42000 19.5
C1800-1 3500-4000 7 22000 11.5
C1800-2 3500-4000 13 32000 15.5
C1800-3 3500-4000 19 42000 19.5

Video Prunes Complete Process Line

Video Prunes Size grader - Machiney
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