Sizing Line Nuts


The various lines for sizing of nuts ALBION are versatile regarding the production and the number of sizes to calibrate. It can have a receiver or vibratory hopper in later stage inspection tape lighting, an elevator to the calibration step, and rotary gauge different sizes nuts according to customer need. .
This line calibration nut is designed to deliver the boxes is obtained calibers or containers, positioned under each filling head calibration for each sector. The tape is optional inspection for this line, depending on the work you want performed on the product.

Model Output (kg/h) C - Hopper C - Belt C - Elevador C - Sizes Sizes (u) Power (kw/h)
NC700-1 700 51102 50261 50390 50409 5 3.5
NC700-2 700 - - 50390 50409 5 2.5
NC1000-1 1000 51102 50261 50354 50406 6 5
NC1000-2 1000 - - 503102 50406 6 3

The size calibration is a function of this machine is reliza through a rotating cylinder that has different perforations along for separating the product size. Has 5 different sizes envelope for extreme size (depending on model). Each size obtained passes through feed hoppers for different kg bags, as also has the possibility of filling pockets jumbo.

It has lights on the output hoppers for better appreciation of the filling - Structure built with steel fabricated structural tubes and SAE 1010
- Base anticorrosion painting with synthetic enamel finish
- Sizing body
- Rotative cylinder
- Control via gear drive
- Removable hoppers
- Waterproof luminaries
- Measures gauges: Diameter 28,30,32,34,36

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