Processing Line . Olives


Our experience in the olives process allows us to offer equipment that meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene, ease of operation and cost control.

Online this process will find the stages of reception, cleaning, selection, sizing and filled of intented fiberglass tanks.
In the variety of equipment designed for the processing of olives you will find different applications for the configuration of your line.

Can count mainly on the following equipment:

Image Equipment Description
Elevator feeder: Its function is to receive the product and place the rest of the line.
Stemming Machine: Performs the extraction of the olive branches and sticks to lead a band of special rolls that allows the passage of the fruit but drag sticks and branches into a bin.
Pre-Caliber: Its function is the elimination of small sizes
Laser Sorter Disposal of unwanted color, or any foreign bodies from the flow of olives. It uses a laser system for inspection and a pneumatic system for the expulsion.
Band Sizer: Does the separation of the product according to its gauge or size. The product goes on modules of longitudinal plastic cords whose gradual separation allows the fall according to your size.
Elevator and belt conveyor Its function is to fill with olives according to their caliber in fiber glass for his stage tanks.

The lines ALBION are scalable according to the production process.

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