Reception Tank

This reception tank, is a water receiver equipment which is part of the range of receiving equipment of ALBION. You can receive tubers or bulbs without foliage either dirty, or dirty. It allows a quick dump of fruits in bulk or from bins, crates or other means in a large sink or water tank with dynamic flow, thereby ensuring that the product does not suffer damage to the entrance to the line. Has a water re-circulation system that creates a bubble passing through the product.


Model Uses Height Width Length
511 17 - Tank Carrots, Others 1400 2950 2800
511 18 - Tank Carrots, Others 1400 3000 4000
511 17 - Elevator Carrots, Others 2040 600 2650
511 18 - Elevator Carrots, Others 4050 1020 4100

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• Re-circulation system.

• Elevator with rinse rain.

• Creates a bubble passing through the product.

• Valves and drain system.

• Stainless steel AISI 304 structure.

• Durable and robust design in stainless steel.

• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

• Elevator transport pallets.

• Water level control.

• Possesses a purge of Fund that allows a quick extraction of sludge as needed.

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