Chemical peeling

This equipment manufactured by ALBION is used to remove the skins of fruits and crops as peaches, peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Chemical Peeling consists of treat fruits with a solution of sodium hydroxide hot serving dissolving peptic substances that are located under the epidermis.
Manufactured in stainless steel of the highest quality to prevent any alteration in the qualities of the product when it enters the machine.


Model Width (mm) Diámetro (mm) Water(Lts/h) Power (Hp) Gas consumption(m3/h)
PLQ02 1000 1000 100 1,5 6

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• Inner perforated metal vane rotor.
• Indirect heating of alkaline solution by combustion of natural gas burner is.
• Thermometer to check the temperature.
• Pipe for manual operation and control.
• Tube - level visual control.
• Excess liquid overflow.
• Cleanout.
• Total draining valve
• Valve removal displays for control of concentration of the solution.

Construction completely in stainless steel AISI 304 and non-polluting materials

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