Pepper scalding machine

This equipment manufactured by ALBION is used for the special treatment of peppers for canning prior to sterilization by bath, with end of acidified or relativize the PH of the product, and conclude the same effective treaty. The product has a residence at this time equipment 4 min approximately.

The scalding consists of a cuba that inside her slides a tape to pallets. This film complies with functions of transporting the product and dip it in acid solution. In its final stretch tape rises to download already treated product.


Model Height (mm) Length (mm) Length total(mm) Width total(mm) Width useful(mm) Higth download(mm)
511 00 1900 4000 4940 1100 900 1100

All rights reserve to modify this chart for updates or technical motives

• Belt pallets plastic type of 800 mm working width with pallets of 80mm in height.

• Gears of command and tensor of the same material mounted on axles with bearings self-centring.

• Coil internal heating with steam and trap entry globe valve for condensate.

• Loading hopper, hopper discharge and tapas with hydraulic closing.

• Bottom valve

• Control gear in bath oil and engine of 0.75 (3/4) 100% shielded three phase HP.

• As temperature control element has two thermometers placed at the entrance and exit of cuba.

• Provided electronic Variator of frequency to vary the times of proceso(debería ser instalado en el tablero eléctrico existente).

• Built: modular and structurally sheet of stainless steel AISI 316 stamped and structural profiles of the same material. Belt conveyor to pallet plastic modular sanitary white.

• Motor: 0.75 (3/4) 100% shielded three phase HP.

• Total installed power: 0.75 HP

• Height of pallets: 80mm

• Completion: whole equipment comes finished with polished health.

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