Product enters a revolving hexagonal drum who along with the action of water from a sprinkler system, gets an initial effective cleaning, aiming to filter Earth, small fragments, and various unwanted aggregates. It is a type of smooth and effective washing.

The resulting disposal of this cleaning, are led to a lower hopper into a bin for its subsequent withdrawal or optionally to a conveyor belt in order to refer them to a special point of retreat.


Model Use Height Width Length
536 02 Nuts 4210 2440 2050
536 04 Nuts 3500 2440 2050

All rights reserve to modify this chart for updates or technical motives

• Durable and robust design in stainless steel.

• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance equipment.

• Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel or carbon steel SAE 1010 based anticorrosive paint and finished with synthetic paint.

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