This machine offers optimum cleaning system by aspirating air, providing the removal of impurities, defects, raisins vain, pedicels, etc.
It has an inlet valve and an outlet, allowing control of income and outp least loss of compression in the suction riser.
It has a vibrator that achieves a higher and efficient production flow.


Model Uses Height Width Length Power
507 07 Raisins 4500 mm 1000 mm 3400 mm 18 hp
507 11 Raisins 4300 mm 800 mm 2560 mm 18 hp
501 04 Raisins 4250 mm 1100 mm 2300 mm 20,5 hp

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• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance

• Vibrating tray

• Upper and lower fan

• Load Metering valves and discard

• Durable, rugged stainless steel

• Supporting structure

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