Rotative Washer for Tubers

The Rotary washer for Tubers ALBION is the perfect machine for washing all kinds of root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

The principle of wash consists of products is rub each other. So, it is necessary to have a certain volume of product inside the drum. The volume is easily adjustable by means of a swivel or horizontal gate. There is a sprinkler system mounted inside the drum to provide water clean optional-mind may include products wash and rinse water.

Water output, depending on the model, is captured to be directed to the drainage system.


MODEL: Use Dimensions Power (HP)
501 01 Carrots Ø 1300 x 5000 5,5 hp
501 07 Carrots Ø 1000 x 6000 4 hp
501 04 Potatos Ø 800 x 2400 1,5 hp

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• Bearing structure

• Rotating with bars or perforated cylinder (depending on model)

• Sprinkler inside

• Adjustment of output with a variable opening door

• Hopper loads (according to model)

• Drain water catchment trays

• Cleaning brush (optional)

• Sprinkler system differential for washing and rinsing (optional)

• Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel or carbon steel SAE 1010 based anticorrosive paint and finished with synthetic paint.

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