Double Riffle Platform

This set of equipment forms a highly effective cleaning system, obtaining a clean and free of stones and elements such as nails, staples, etc.
The fruits enter a first wash tank which allows initial soaking of the product. An endless transport lags longitudinally moving the product to a pumping chamber. The pumping system designed especially for the fruit moves from the tank to the washing system by cascading the top.

The washing is done in a inclined riffle, with series of steps that allow the product jump and capture all the elements that precipitate to the bottom like stones and other openings. It can hold two sets of waterfalls making this process extremely successful.
In its final part, a separator product parabolic driving towards the process and returns the water back into the pond initial washing.


Model Distance Width(mm) Height(mm) Riffle(mm) Power(hp)
501 08 6800 2000 4500 890 6.5
501 12 6800 2100 4000 1000 6.5

All rights reserve to modify this chart for actualization or technical motives

• Durable and robust design in stainless steel.

• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

• Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel or carbon steel SAE 1010 based anticorrosive paint and finished with synthetic paint..

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