Drying Oven average production

These equipments meet the complex task of moisture is extracted from the nuts after a washing and bleaching process. In these teams, ALBION includes a conveyor lift pallets delivered the walnuts to a belt top Distributor, dosing every bins or drying cells. On these cells the fruits are falling on a basis that is inclined to which he injects hot air for drying.
Estimated range: 3300 / 4000 Kg (Dry in 15 Hours)
Uses: NUTS


• Structure built with folded sheet metal and structural tubing in SAE 1010.

• Non-corrosive base and finishing with synthetic enamel paint.

• Placer receiving hopper with elevator of plastic band.

• A tape on the top of the dryers, distributes nuts.

• Waterfalls that adds the entry to the bins or cuerpos(evitando golpes deel producto)

• Dryer consisting of false bottom.

• Floor tilted at 35 ° that allows the passage of air flow and facilitates the discharge of walnuts.

• Output hoppers to fill the desired container.

• Gateway with access at both ends by means of stairs and railing.

• Detachable in the front and sides for the placement of the drying equipment.

• Includes electric Board.

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