moisture increaser TW

This equipment represent a real revolution in the fruits hydrating systems. Has a technology to reduce operating costs, increase profits and decrease the generation of bacteria.

This "TW" model includes a system that consists of the internal recirculation steam through fans and deflectors special inside to make it happen, getting improved more uniform in the transfer of energy between the vapor and product on the inside of the moisture increaser.

System of energy circulation, enhances the flavors and colors of the product, retaining the importance of its nutrients.

Compared to traditional systems, the Moisture Increaser ALBION significantly reduces the margins of wastewater, resulting in higher yields of production and high quality of products.

It also has a set of easy to clean, since its top amounts using 4 hydraulic cylinders allowing access to the interior of the tunnel for easy and complete cleaning.


Modelo Height (mm) Length (mm) Higth(mm) Power (HP) Output (kg/h)
527 03 2000 12190 3520 5,5 + 0,5 1100 - 2800

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• Top cover with hydraulic closing liftgate, through hydraulic cylinders that command from a central located on the computer.
• Long tunnel 11.800mm .
• Fans steam Forcers.
• Special deflectors.
• Tissue, U.S.A. origin conveyor belt
• Rotary valves to pallet x 2 (for loading and unloading).
• Remote control for conveyor.
• Variable electronic speed (to define the residence time of the product in the tunnel).
• Scorecard.

* Is not provided a box of steam or valve temperature termoreguladora.

• Built modular and structurally sheet of stainless steel AISI 304 and stainless steel structural sections.

• All machine comes completed with polished health.

• Chassis made in 100 x 60 x 3 mm stainless steel structural tubes.

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