Moisture Increaser Tunnel

This equipment represent a real revolution in the fruits hydrating systems. Has a technology to reduce operating costs, increase profits and decrease the generation of bacteria. Depending on the model, can include a system capable of achieving internal recirculation steam through two special fans and baffles inside, obtaining a more uniform improvement in the transfer of enery between steam and product.

This process can enhance the flavors and colors of the product, the importance of retaining nutrients.

A comparison of traditional systems, the moisture increaser, reduce significantly wastewater production resulting in higher yields and product quality. Also has a system for easy cleaning, as their top cover liftable by four hydraulic cylinders, allowing access to the tunnel for a complete and simple cleaning.


Model Height (mm) Length (mm) Higth (mm) Power( HP) Ouput (kg/hour)
527 001800 12130 3520 5,5 + 0,5 900 - 2300
527 03 2000 12190 3520 5,5 + 0,5 1100 - 2800

All rights reserve to modify this chart for actualization or technical motives.

• Liftable superior cover with hydraulic lock through cylinders tith a main control.
• Hydrator tunnel 11.800 mm length.
• Net belt conveyor (made in US).
• Rotative valves with paddles to the inlet and outlet.
• Electronic Inverter (to set time the product inside the tunnel).
• Main control.
• Thermoregulator and steam bx not included.

• Durable, rugged.

• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

• Made in stainless steel.

• Prunes
• Others

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