Boxes weighing simple head

This equipment is used for filling and heavy boxes of 5 to 15 Kg (depending on product to fill). Make a net weighing of high accuracy and automatic filling of approximation and completion.
The first stage is the dosage of the product through an elevator which culminates in a hopper with a vibrating head, at this point we proceed to automated dosing until you reach the desired weight is easily configured in a digital panel.
Its estimated production is of 120 boxes/hour of 10 Kg.


Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Output (kg/h) Power (HP) Power (Kw)
60002-50309 2190 1300 2500 2000 1.00 0.75

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- Elevator: Has a loading, modular health lift band with paddles and side Hopper, control gear in oil bath and 100% shielded three phase 1HP motor.
- Hopper: Composed of a level Viewer and a large capacity hopper.
- Charging system: Vibrating with adjustable intensity.
- Roller conveyor: Adjustable in height.
- Weighing system: Electronic easily programmable with load of great precision and resistance cells.
- Commands with digital panel Cabinet: Adjust the parameters of the equipment, such as the selection of weighing, coarse, fine adjustments, etc.

- Entirely made of stainless steel (except for bearings, plastics and electronic components)

- Painting anticorrosive base and finishing with synthetic enamel

- Polished in parts of stainless steel.

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