Boxes weighing double head

This ALBION equipment performs the functions of transport, weighing, and filling boxes of 5 to 15 Kg (two at the same time). It heads that are dosed product automatically by means of two has "no purpose" that regulates the speed of loading the boxes fill. The weighing is performed with a large system accuracy and speed, with a production of approximately 600 boxes / hour
Regarding the replacement of boxes, note that it's also automatic because he has are sensors distributed in the entire team. It has a control panel digital can be easily adjusted different desired cuts, and speeds of the non-form independently. It can also be monitored and controlled remotely via the internet.
Products used include; Raisin grapes, dried prunes, dried tomatoes, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc.


Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Output (kg/h) Power (HP) Power (Kw)
60002-50309 2190 1300 2500 2000 1.00 0.75

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- Elevator: Has a loading, modular health lift band with paddles and side Hopper, control gear in oil bath and 100% shielded three phase 1HP motor.
- Hopper: Composed of a level Viewer and a large capacity hopper.
- Charging system: Vibrating with adjustable intensity.
- Roller conveyor: Adjustable in height.
- Weighing system: Electronic easily programmable with load of great precision and resistance cells.
- Commands with digital panel Cabinet: Adjust the parameters of the equipment, such as the selection of weighing, coarse, fine adjustments, etc.

- Entirely made of stainless steel (except for bearings, plastics and electronic components)

- Painting anticorrosive base and finishing with synthetic enamel

- Polished in parts of stainless steel.

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