4-Ways Cutter

This equipment, also known as "cracker halves", is used to cut the tomatoes of "plum" variety, normally bound to dehydrated, around its longitudinal axis. It works on 4-ways cut in parallel, for large productions. (to 3.200 kg/h).


Model Uses Height Width Length Power
509 04 Tomatoes 900 1550 3100 1 + 0.75 hp

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• It consists of eight strings v 45 ° carrying the product of a end to the other. At the end of this extreme motor is located with the blades to perform the cut of the product.

• Conveyor belts of 50mm useful width clamps.

• Tensioning roller mounted on bearings and located knob roll of the same way.

• Remote control for tapes with reducer in bath oil and 0,75 HP motor three-phase 100% shielded.

• Remote control blade with 100% shielded three phase 1HP motor.


Built with modules and structurally in stamped stainless steel plate and structural sections of the same material.

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