Belt Sizer

The funtion of operation of this gauge is based on a number of belts moving at the same speed. The inner distance between them increases as the product is transported along the machine. The product placed between the straps pass at the point corresponding depending on its diameter.
In these processes, models ALBION are characterized by their high production, rubustes and fidelity. This function for these teams in the process of olives can be configured to reach from 4 to 17 sizes, with margins of production of 500 to 15000 Kg/hour depending upon model and process stage.


Model Uses Belt Sizes Power
510 05 Olives 25 17 3 hp
510 06 Olives 21 8 1,5 hp

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• Built: according to stage of proceso(en acero inoxidable o acero ael carbono SAE 1010).

• Tape download by calibers, with the possibility of use as a tape of inspection.

• (Optional) platform

• Gauge discharge hoppers

• Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel or carbon steel SAE 1010 based anticorrosive paint and finished with synthetic paint.

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