Roller Sizer

For the calibrated diameter bulbs, tubers and fruits semispherical. The Sizer Roller ALBION separates their production in different sizes.

As the rollers move, every second roller drops, increasing opening between him and the still rollers. When the opening increases, production falls gently on a series of transverse conveyor belts that carry the product to the next stage of the process line.

Rollers are mounted on a chain that moves at a speed appropriate to respond to the established flow and allow adequate time for recovery and selection of products by size.

Sizer Roller ALBION is easy to use, requires virtually no maintenance and can be easily integrated into any existing process line. You can select sizes round or long products.


MODEL Use Dimensions Power (HP) Sizes Belt
510 02 Tubers Width 1200 mm 5 hp 4+1 4

All rights reserve to modify this chart for updates or technical motives

• Load-bearing structural frame.

• 50 Mm aluminum roller set

• 400 X 3000 output tapes

• Speed regulator of rolos.

• Regulation of calibers

• Polished stainless steel AISI 304 structure (100%)

• Height-adjustable chassis legs.

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